17 February 2007

Thank You Seniors

The Ivy League would like to recognize all senior members of each Women's Swimming team for their time and dedication to make the Ivy League great. A special dedication took place prior to the 1650 Freestyle Championship.


Kathelyn Brandstetter, Emily Brush, Meredith Cocco, Sarah Demers, Lauren Harlow, Becky Kowalsky, Amy Latinen, Julie Lippe-Klein, Lindsay McKenna, Dana Meadow, Molly Meadows, Ashley Wallace


Kaki Dudley, Sarah Fisher, Kelly McConnell, Mary McCue, Lauren Morford, April Nizlek, Kathryn Taylor


Caitlin Burrows, Kristin Conway, Sabrina Kwauk, Rebecca Nolan


Melissa Kern, Allie Owens, Lizzie Rippe


Noelle Bassi, Kelly Blondin, Staci Blondin, LeeAnn Chang, Kyle Cutter, Jessica Davidson, Annika Giesbrecht, Kara O'Reilly, Rachel Walker, Laurin Weisenthal, Emily Wilson


Alison Bretherick, Stephanie Colson, Sarah Jeffers, Laine Litman, Kate McArdle, Margot Newcomer, Janis Scanlon, Cameron Villareal, Hayley Wolfgruber


Kristen Arey, Jeannie Campbell-Urban, Michelle Demond, Sobenna George, Kelly Hannigan, Nikki Laffel, Erica Pang, Emma Tapscott, Emily Weigan, Sandy Zaeh


Liz Berger, Chase Butler, Liz Fogelsong, Meg Gill, Ashley Kochanek, Moira McCloskey, Tory Nelson

Thank you for everything that you have done in your collegiate career, and thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Best wishes in all that you do.