22 February 2007

Sanders Takes the Crown in the 1m

Luke Sanders ('08, Harvard) used a pretty unconventional means to upset the rest of the field in the finals of the 1m Diving competition.

He basically played "possum".

But as the old adage goes in sports: it's not how your start, it's how you finish.

And finish he certainly did. Sanders positioned himself comfortably in the "A" Final with conservative dives and putting together a routine that would place him in 5th place at 277.90. Essentially, he did what he needed to do to ensure he'd be in the final.

After that, all bets were off.

In the final, Sanders emerged as the guy-to-beat with strong dives combined with a calculated degree of difficulty. This delicate balance allowed LUUUUUUUUUUUUKE!!! to distance himself from his competitors, and run away with the 1m championship. His 305.90 in the final was a full 10 points better than his closest competitor, Mike Papageorge ('10, Princeton).