15 February 2007

Giarra Ups the Mark in the 1m

As we hinted to after the preliminaries, the new Women's Ivy Diving Record would once again be in jeopardy during the night competition.

This buzz gained steam as the championship round began and it became evident with each passing round that the record would inevitably fall, the only question being by how much. Well Katie Giarra ('09, Princeton) answered that inquiry with an impressive 307.00, almost a full 26 points more than the existing Meet and Ivy League records on the books at the start of the day.

The diving competition was billed as a battle between Giarra (center) and her closest rival, Samantha Papadakis of Harvard. With the preliminary round setting the stage for a close championship, this was supposed to be a back and forth diving dual to the very end.

Giarra didn't get the memo.

Her exceptional display on the boards left little doubt on this night.

Congratulations on a new Meet and Ivy record, Katie!