24 February 2007

Bring On the Nightcap!

I'm going to make five bold predictions for the nightcap of Day 3 as my normal teaser.

1. Alex Righi of Yale will break his own Meet and EISL record in the 100 Freestyle, and will subsequently smash the Pool record for the event.

2. There will be a major upset tonight that many will say "nobody can honestly say that they predicted that!" Well guess what, I predicted it. And when it happens, I'll gloat. :)

3. A longstanding record will fall tonight.

4. There will be a four worthy selections for the Swimmer of the Meet, but only Co-Swimmers of the Meet will be awarded.

5. I personally will not get out of the DeNunzio Pool before 10pm. And I have to be up at Harvard (roughly 4 hours and 49 minutes away) for a Fencing tournament tomorrow. Good times.

... Stay Tuned!